My heart and hands have worked more than 1,000 weddings and events. I have been called a wedding warrior, event guru, and planning mastermind. I like to think that I’ve been blessed with creativity, organization, leadership and an awesome team. I would be honored to be your wedding guide and promise to give you a first-class wedding experience.

I have been a full-time wedding planner at Big City Bride for more than a dozen years! I have had the pleasure of working with most Chicago hotels, venues and vendors and my experience is invaluable to my clients. With a background in interior design I excel at wedding styling, but I relish the logistics too! Clients and vendors will tell you that I fun-loving, yet calm with meticulous skills. Busy professionals love my planning style. My goal is to minimize your stress and maximize your time and deliver the wedding of your dreams.

I am a creative force! I have an eye for perfection and a heart for weddings and events. I have a comfortable approach that allows your wedding design and details to unfold naturally. I tend to bond with anyone from your in-laws to your bridal party. I can’t help but fall in love with those around me. My crafting passion and graphic design background allow me to capture your wedding personality in your design. Creative couples love the wedding journey with me by their side. My positive attitude will keep the planning enjoyable – I guarantee I’ll be smiling the whole time!

I am type “A” from my attitude to my initials…which happen to be A.B.C.  I was put on this earth to be a planner. Few things make me happier than a color coded to-do list or a good spreadsheet. My love affair with weddings began in college where I spent my Saturdays as the campus ceremony coordinator. That is where I mastered, what I deem to be the most important aspect of a wedding, the marriage ritual.  I am a self-proclaimed softy…there isn’t a wedding day that goes by where I don’t shed some happy tears.

I have affectionately been called, “the sponge” due to my ability to learn quickly and execute with confidence. Behind my calm and gentle nature is a wedding ninja at heart. You will understand once you see me in action!  I rise early (5:00am!) to make the most of everyday…so you can count on me for those early morning appointments!

I come from a big family, so I easily mesh with most anyone…including challenging vendors (or in-laws!). I am a natural-born organizer with a strong artistic side so I can direct your event design and all the darling details. I take all the pieces of your wedding puzzle and turn them into a perfect picture. I truly mold to any role you need whether it be task master or calming coordinator. What you’ll see is a polished professional, but deep down I am always the one starting the fun!

My clients say I am versatile and easy-going, yet tight-and-right with the details. I have mastered various types of religious ceremonies and cultural traditions I can handle almost any situation or challenge with patience and precision. I love that each wedding is different and I cherish the friendships I keep with my couples long after the wedding.

We are the sweet office dogs. But don’t worry, if you don’t like dogs…we will just stay home!

We support Animal & Child Welfare programs with donations to non-profit shelters for orphaned children and homeless animals.